Obviously, for people, it is more attractive to take natural steroids than artificial ones, which have a large number of side effects. This article is devoted to natural remedies able to imitate steroids action.

Best natural steroids against inflammation

The type of steroids, aimed at blocking inflammation, has the name corticosteroids. They are very damaging. That is why natural steroids for inflammation becoming so demanded:

1. Turmeric. Curcumin is very popular in ethnomedicine remedy for decreasing inflammation. Besides, it is used for treating Alzheimer’s disease and arthritis. Turmeric’s curable impact implies protecting and enhancing the immune system.

2. Ginger. This Chinese remedy is also considered a powerful inflammation reducer, which acts by blocking inflammatory receptors. You should apply 500 mg about 4 times every day for maintaining the necessary body temperature for coping with ache.

3. Diet. Diet, which is used as an additional remedy for dealing with inflammation, is not a cure itself. A great number of foodstuffs are famous for their capability to reduce inflammation. Seafood, fruits and vegetables, garlic, green tea, blueberries and oregano are especially efficient. It is worth noting, that balanced diet helps to deal with different skin conditions.

Essential oils as alternatives to steroids

Similarly to described above natural steroids, essential oils are characterized as a great anti-inflammatory remedy. The most efficient essential oils as natural steroids are the following:

Marjoram. Soothing properties of this herb allows it to ease a person’s muscle pain.

Chamomile. After taking this oil, you will enjoy the feeling of relief and calmness due to extra anti-inflammatory impact on joints.

Rosemary. You will definitely experience the use of this oil, anesthetic substances of which are very efficient in fighting with pain.

Eucalyptus. Minimizing muscle pain, as well as calming nervous system, are what this oil is famous for.

Natural versions of steroids – phytoestrogens

Let’s make it clear what is the nature of phytoestrogens. They are not planting hormones as well as female sex hormone estrogens, aimed at maintaining female sexual function. You can buy natural steroids pills, containing phytoestrogens at apothecaries. Phytoestrogenic natural steroids are based on plant non-steroid compounds, which are able to imitate functions of both estrogens and antiestrogens. Some of the food products contain phytoestrogens. For instance:

  •  soybean, oats, wheat, flax, alfalfa, barley, lentils, rice;
  •  pomegranates, apples, carrots;
  •  beer.

If the level of estrogen in your organism is quite low,Using natural steroids for treating inflammation & female diseases! phytoestrogens are always ready to replace this hormone. It is able to fix fat metabolism, decrease tumors incidence and so on.

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