Anabolic steroids are synthetically produced compounds meant to replace degrading testosterone caused by testicular malfunctions. Although this is their primary use, anabolic steroids are commonly abused to aid in athletic performances and body building.

Are steroids addictive?

If you are talking about the addiction similar to one caused by drugs such as tobacco, steroids are not addictive. Steroids produce a different form of addiction as broken down below:

Psychological addiction This form of addiction takes the form of an individual not being satisfied with how they physically look or can perform. In men, subjects with low muscle mass or have a lot of body fat are likely to fall victim of this form of addiction. Some women get a notion that they are ‘fat’ and end up turning to anabolic steroids for an accelerated aid in fat loss.

Mental addiction In this case, subjects get a mental notion that they cannot perform unless they are on a steroid dosage. It can be caused by long exposure to positive reviews and successful before and after photos of other steroids users. It also can be caused by long term use of the drug.

Physical addiction Becoming physically addicted to steroids means that you actually cannot perform unless you take a dosage for the same. This is one of the most wide spread form of steroid addictions.

Behavioral addiction In this case, it becomes hard for an individual to conduct themselves comfortably in public when not under steroids stimulation. Steroids are associated with mood distortion; a feature that long term anabolic steroids users get dependent upon.

Treatment for steroids addiction

There are various options that one can choose from in regards to treating addiction to steroids. Note that some users never come to realize that they actually are addicted until external help and intervention is offered. Below are the available treatment options.

  • Therapies – You can either go for a group or individual therapeutic session. A grou, as the name suggests will contain several other users with a related issue.
  • Dual diagnosis – This is a common practice in rehab centers for alcoholics and other commonly abused drugs. It is a full treatment option that takes care of the current addiction issue and help in avoiding a relapse to the addiction afterwards.
  • Recovery facilities – Recovery in a facility can be done either inside the facility’s environment or during scheduled appointments.
  • Prescription medications – antidepressants, ED medications, endocrine medications and medications meant to treat withdrawal signs all ca be prescribed depending on the extent of the addiction.